Excessive Remedy

Year in Review 2018: Domestic Licensing Disputes

A look at the ITC's docket in 2018 shows how Section 337’s domestic industry requirement regularly fails to fulfill its legislative purpose.

Public Interest Comments: Qualcomm v. Apple and the Law of Patent Remedies

Arguments about how to apply the public interest factors in Mobile Electronic Devices (Inv. 1065) aren’t just about iPhones or 5G or national security. They’re also part of a larger debate over the proper role of injunctive relief as a remedy for patent infringement.

Year in Review 2018: Duplicative Litigation

A look at the ITC’s docket in 2018 shows very clearly that the trade agency’s patent powers are very rarely being used to protect domestic industries from shady foreign pirates. The agency’s broad jurisdiction under Section 337 mostly just enables forum shopping, excessive remedies and abusive litigation—all while undermining the power of constitutional courts.